Monday, May 14, 2012

Little Bits of Summer

I'm enjoying these lovely May days. Every day has the feeling of potential... like summer is just unfolding and there is so much rest and adventure and celebration ahead these next few months that I can hardly stand it. Although I think we've officially entered into continuous 100+ degree days... so maybe that means summer is more official than I think. We don't need a solstice in Arizona. Down here the climate does what it wants. The sun here has no regard for June 20th. And that is that.

So here is how I've been filling up these pretty May days and nights...

Love this baby.

This is what happens when your cousins start having babies... lots of fun in the backyard at family gatherings.

Some firsts... my first ever sock bun and my first "green" smoothie. I went easy on the green, because I was scared, but I promise there was spinach in there! And it was delish, so I won't be scared next time and it will actually look green!

Date night with hubs on the evening of the "supermoon." We got to go to an arena football game courtesy of his work. And that is how I learned that arena football is incredibly boring because each team scores almost every time they have the ball. Final score 77-70. P.S. I am trying to get Micah to change his mind about hating wedges. I think it's working...

After sitting through the boring football game Micah treated me to ice cream downtown at Churn!

I really love ice cream.

Coffee in the morning... and my new obsession... the late afternoon iced coffee with caramel.

After a year, I finally finished Future Grace. Don't let the duration of my reading detour you. It was my favorite John Piper book ever and I highly recommend it. // Had the treat of having dinner with my best friend's mom the other night while she was in Phoenix for a conference. You know you have good friends when you meet up with their parents for dinner! Blessed!

And THIS is my new love. I've been wanting a beach cruiser since we moved to Arizona almost two years ago and this little lady finally sits in my garage. Micah just attached her basket a few days ago, 
so now she's official.

Love to you all!

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Heather said...

My best friends momma calls me her "EA" child, emotionally adopted :)

what a nice beach cruiser! woot woot!

btw, hot wedges! love them

Meredith said...

Believe it or not, I miss the days of 100+! And I'm loving your sock bun...looks like you are enjoying your summe break :) I can't wait till we're out too!

GingerPeachT said...

Wow, I don't know how you deal with that weather. Of course I'm used to high humid hot days. It's like a sauna.
That ice cream place looks so cute!
P.s. have you heard from Erin of captivating grace??! I tried emailing her and got it sent back to me. I know you two were fairly close. :-)

Jessi said...

It definitely sounds like you're enjoying your summer break!! Love the beach cruiser :) I got one for Christmas when we lived in SD. I figured it was kind of required since we live only a few blocks from the beach.. but mine doesn't have a basket, yet! I think it's really needed tho.

Shannon Marie said...

I feel you on the heat thing - I just moved back to Scottsdale from Tucson and can already feel the few degrees difference! But look at you, you're starting off the "summer" in fun ways! I love that coffee mug by the way- polka dots are so fun! Can't wait to read more about you plan to beat the heat! XO

Em S said...

That bike is adorable...and so are those wedges!

Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy said...

Gorgeous photographs. I especially love, love, LOVE that one of you with the icecream. You look like an excited kid, and this is exactly how I get about icecream.... and milkshake!

Alli (and Tommy, too!) said...

Your cruiser is sweeeeeeet!!

Laura@Splendor said...

that baby girl is precious.
You have gorgeous eyes!
And your cruise is so SO cute!!