Friday, May 4, 2012

Krislyn: Making the Most of Summer

Okay, guys... meet my newest blog friend turned face-to-face friend! Now that Krislyn has moved back to Arizona we got to meet for coffee last weekend, and let me tell you, she is even sweeter in real life than on the computer screen. Oh, and speaking of sweet, puh-leease go check out her online bakery, She Bakes. I've been drooling over her recipes and cookie pictures for about a year now, and she surprised me with a mini-batch of her AMAZING chocolate chip cinnamon cookies on our coffee date. I'm hoping now that we've had our official first date I can sneak into her kitchen and sample some of her goodies on a regular basis!

* * * * *

Hello! I’m Krislyn and I blog over at Spreading Her Wings. I was so happy when sweet Jen approached me to write a guest post on Summer Goals. But I’ll be honest, it took me forever to complete the post, it’s been about four years since I’ve actually had a summer vacation. Times have changed and this girl’s got a job. With all that, you can STILL have goals even though you’re a working woman! So, here are a few summer goals this girl has going for her.

Krislyn and her sweet grandma... this girl has great genes! :)

Let’s start with the mini vacays on the calendar:
***Grandma’s 80th Birthday Extravaganza! My Greek Grandma who does not look a day over 60 is having a birthday, and I am in charge of planning it! So, needless to say one of my goals is to have a rad party planned by the end of June. The Extravaganza is taking place in Las Vegas, and I am uber excited for the GOLD theme I have chosen, and the fact I am on the hunt to get 80 letters written by all of my Grandma’s family, friends, neighbors so that she has a little token to hold on to!

***Considering Arizona is an OVEN during the summer, I am determined to make it to the ocean and to my favorite beach town ever, Carlsbad! I have spent many summers in Carlsbad, and the fact that I now live a mere 6 hours away, you bet your bottom dollar come July I will be driving my little self to soak up the Pacific Ocean. Water is something we lack here in the desert!

A girls gotta keep her bathing suit body!
***Since it's stinkin' hot here in Arizona, besides the times I am working in the AC, I live in a bikini! So with that, you gotta keep the body up... good thing I enjoy exercising. I love setting new work out goals, so this summer I am on the hunt to try new classes, and keep the variety going through out the week. Since, there is no way I will be running outside for the next 3 months, I am all about indoor classes; such as Yoga, Pure Barre, and Spin. My goal … Keep the variety up, and don’t be crazy by thinking I can actually run in the 100 degree plus weather. 

***Just as important as exercising to keep in shape, EATING is even bigger. A goal of mine is to try to eat clean this summer, but let's be honest I will not be foregoing my obsession with Frozen Yogurt. In order to survive the heat, treating myself to FroYo a few nights a week will be a must.

Turn on the oven and bake!
***I am a big time baker. In the kitchen, apron on, barefoot, needtobreathe playing, and flour on my face is my happy place. I recently started a small baking company SheBakesBakery and my goal is to have at least 3 orders going out each month this summer. We'll see if I can survive next to an oven, with triple digits outside. Thank goodness for AC!

We all need a Jesus time!
***Ahh, gotta love Jesus time. A goal I have set for the summer is to complete Beth Moore's James Study! I’ll confess that I started it a few months ago, but some how it has sat in my nightstand. I also have a goal to study Romans with the boyfriend. It’s an awesome book in the Bible, and it will be fun to hear his perspective.

Go out there and explore your town!
***And lastly, a fun little goal. The boyfriend and I have had a goal to check out a different restaurant twice a month here in the Valley of the Sun. We are spoiled with some people amazing restaurants here, and, well, it’s about time we experience as many as possible. Since we are on a budget, we try not to eat out more than once a week, so in the mix of hitting up our favorite places such as Grimaldi’s we are going to try to enjoy some of Arizona’s one of a kind eateries!

Thanks Jen, for allowing me to write out my summer goals, and share them with all your readers! If you’d like to see what I am all about come on over to Spreading Her Wings {it’s private, but send me an email and I’ll send you an invite!}