Thursday, May 17, 2012

Keyword Analysis #4

Okay, friends. It's time for another keyword analysis. Do you ever notice people searching the craziest terms and winding up at your blog? Well, I do. Do I have a weird blog? Maybe a little, but not THIS weird, I don't think...

{If you want to see my past keyword analyses, here are #1, #2 and #3.}

San Diego Beach Party Pictures...
So this one time for Micah's 30th birthday, he wanted to surf the artificial pipeline at this place in San Diego called The Wave House. I said okay, wanting his 30th birthday to be special for him of course, and agreed to watch him surf for a few hours and read for school at the same time. Little did I know that the Wave House is basically an outdoor CLUB for the 21+ crowd at Mission Beach. We just happened to go on opening weekend for the year and as Micah surfed, a raging beach party with over a 1,000 people sprung up around my little beach chair. Miraculously, I was able to block out the yelling, flirting, dancing, alcohol, and, oh, the loud music blasting by some nationally renown DJ and read three chapters of the most boring book I've ever read for class. Two different workers came up and complimented me on my focus. And that is all I know about San Diego "beach parties."

THIS + me with a book = crucial study time.

"why i am a bad grad student"
Let me tell you why. I'd rather write a blog post than a paper. I'd rather clean my house than read. And the list goes on and on. But it seems like I'm not the only one, because ever since I wrote about this {here}, I've had all kinds of people searching "bad graduate student" and coming to my blog.

I don't wanna read those big, ugly books! Haha... look closely at my computer! 
Once again not doing what I should be.

Shannon Miller/Kim Zmeskal...
All I can say is that if you ever write about either of these two amazing world class gymnasts people will visit your blog for years. {Did anyone else do running cartwheels in their living room during the Olympics while growing up and end with their arms up in the air like a real gymnast? No, just me? And my sister?} These must be two most Googled women on the Internet {new verb?}. And for good reason. Does anyone want to buy me tickets to the 2012 Summer Games so I can achieve my life goal of seeing Olympic gymnastics in real life???

How do women dress in Corpus Christi Texas for spring?
Umm... what? I have no idea. I did live in Texas for six years, but I have never once been to Corpus Christi, other than to drive past it to go to the beach. Selena was from Corpus Christi though. Maybe you should just dress like Selena. RIP.

Engagement session photography bingo.
Wow. I have no words. How amazing would that be? All you photographers out there should probably be jotting this down in your idea book.

Phoenix Haboob 2011. 
Yes, it's almost the one year anniversary. Here's to no disgusting dust storms in 2012! I think my car might still be a little dirty from last year...

Sell Clothes for Cash AZ.
Yes, yes you should, whether you live in AZ or any other state. Here are my tips for how to make the most money.

girl wears earplugs.
Confession... I don't wear earplugs, but I bought a package of them last year. My office at school/work was so loud (I share it with 13 other people) that I thought earplugs might help me concentrate. I tried on a pair once... they were weird and uncomfortable and the package sat in the trunk of my car for a year until I finally threw them away recently. Did I ever blog about this? I hope not. Well, now I did, so I can only hope more tentative earplug wearers come to my blog and find out that earplugs are NOT the answer people. Use your i-pod or something.

how teacher dress in ethiopia. 
Um... again, I don't know, but I have a friend who lives there, so I will ask her. Sarah, how do teachers dress in Ethiopia?

DIY Ruffle Shower Curtains...
Umm... wrong blog. Do you know me? This is not a DIY blog people. I hate to disappoint, but I just don't have the patience for it. If you want cute and inexpensive home décor, I will gladly show you how to shop at TJ Maxx and search the aisle end caps at Target.

My most recent attempt at DIY. It took me a MONTH to repaint this file cabinet. A month. I'll tell you the story later. 
Right now I'm still in a bad mood about it...

How did the Lake Stevens Dairy Queen burn down?
Yes, how? And why? My hometown DQ burned down a few years ago. It was the best Dairy Queen in the world, and instead of rebuilding it {as they said they would}, they put in a Jack in the Box.
Jack in the Box  \ne \!\,  Dairy Queen! Blech!

Blizzards complete me.

blood that women fall down every month
Well, that's an interesting way to describe it. This person's parents did NOT do very well with the birds and bees talk I guess... and do I write about menstruation very often {aka EVER}???

What crazy search words have popped up in your stats lately??? 
Please share!


the lowes said...

hahhaha this totally cracked me up....Ill have to go back and remember soem of the funny search words that have been used for mine! this was such a fun and creative post!! :) hahah

Beth @ the city said...

these are hilarious! i love this series :)

Denise Lopatka said...

just stumbled on your blog and LOVE it! excited to read more!

xox - denise

Bek said...

these are HYSTERICAL! gotta love the internet :)

Kati - Incorporating Color said...

These are hilarious! I JUST started getting people finding my blog by random searches -- a few of my favorites in the last week have been "corporate bag made fun" and "people getting made fun of" and "this normal you speak of doesn't sound fun at all." Who are these people?!? Haha.

Ruthie Hart said...

hahahahhhahaah this is so funny. I need to do this. I get a couple random ones every now and then but nothing as good as Corpus Christi and Ethopia! Love it

Traci said...

"The cat did it"....that search brings people to my blog A LOT.....I don't get it ;D

Michelle said...

Hilarious!!! I just want to know why people are googling the answer to why they're bad grad students.

Jenny said...

Yours are way better than ours, hilarious! But then again, is that a complement or not?

The Dairy Queen in my home town burned down too. Conspiracy? Or perhaps a giant insurance scam.

Nicole {Home for Hire} said...

Love this! I've been saving all my weird google searches in a document because I think they are hilarious! People wonder/search for such strange things...

kevinandmallory said...

these seriously made tears come from my eyes (cry)!!! some of the best I have ever seen!!!!