Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Caroline: A Southern Summer

Today, I have asked sweet Caroline (ha!) to share with us. She lives in Fort Worth, so basically I am the most jealous person ever and want to fly to Texas right now and add her to my already amazing group of friends there. If you go to Trinity Chapel, you might run into cute Caroline and her hubs there on a Sunday.

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Hi Arizona Russums readers! So happy to be here today! My name is Caroline and I write over at Sew Caroline about crafts, DIYs, fashion, life as a newlywed, and being totally unorganized in life!

Jen asked me to post on Summer Goals.. and let me tell you, I have them!

Although I don't really have a "summer break" it seems that I haven't been out of school long enough to really break from the habit of semester, Christmas, semester, summer, etc. Its just a rhythm I've been in since childhood that's just easy to be a part of.

That being said, although I won't have time off this summer.. its still SUMMER, PEOPLE! EXCITING!

This summer I really want to accomplish some things.

1. Organization.
Every time I write a post like this (ie: goals...) I write about how I want to be more organized. Let's just say this one is a work in progress. My brain isn't organized and I have to really focus to stay on top of things. I want my house to be organized, my laundry to be on schedule, meals to be planned... I am working on it, y'all. Promise.

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2. Staying fit. 
I want to stay on top of my workout//running//biking schedule this summer. My husband definitely helps me out on this one. Its something that is important to me, but definitely takes the back-burner when other things arise.

3. Emails.
This sorta kinda goes along with organization... but I seriously want to be more on top of responding to emails, blog comments, questions, etc. I hate it when it takes someone a year to respond to me, but HELLO, I, unfortunately, do it too.

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4. Hike a mountain.
Yep. I said it. David and I are headed back to Colorado this summer and Lord-willing I will actually climb a mountain. Last year, my lungs could. not. make it. This summer I plan to be more fit and ready to conquer Everest! (ok, ok, not Everest...)

Do you have any crazy summer goals?

Thanks for reading!
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