Tuesday, April 24, 2012

About an iPhone.

I have an iPhone. Her name is Phoebe. I love her with all my heart. You can read about my obsession here and if you really want to laugh you should probably read this.


Everyday with Phoebe brings something new. Some new feature to explore. Some new app to download. Phoebe makes my somewhat mundane life as a grad student a bit more spicy.

Thank you, Phoebe.

Recently, I have been playing around with lots of new photography apps. So many, in fact, that I now have a folder on my phone to hold them all. Except for Instagram, of course. Faithful Insta is found at the top left hand corner of my screen always.

I know that photography is supposed to be all about natural light and minimal editing and all that jazz. I get it. When I shoot with my Rebel, I try to find the best lighting possible and use my frame well and so on. But when I have my iPhone in my hand I am going to edit and filter and crop my pictures to no end. Because I can. And because I wouldn't feel I am using Phoebe to her full potential if I didn't.

So here are some of my favorite apps... and some of my recent photos I've edited with them.

Instagram... obviously. Everything goes through Insta for its final edit.
Camera Awesome for new filters and textures. You have to pay for some of the features, but its basic features are pretty...well...awesome.
Phonto for adding fun text to photos.
Labelbox... another way to add text to photos.
Diptic to make collages.
PostalPix to print Instagram pictures {I just placed my first order, and I'm obsessed with the result!}

The best thing is that all of these apps were free except for Diptic. The only reason I paid for Diptic is because I had heard good things about it, but there are plenty of free collage apps that I'm sure work just as well. Pic Stitch, Pic Collage and Frametastic are all free and have good ratings.

So, friends, tell me... what are your favorite photography apps? 
Is there anything else I need to add to my photography folder?

{If you want to follow along on Instagam, my name is @jenrussum.}

P.S. It's the last day of class for the semester! 
Can I get a hoorah for summer vacation just around the corner?


Shauna said...

Fun pictures!
Im going to have to check out these apps .. I thought I was obsessed with my iPhone but after reading this, I think you have me beat ;)

Happy Monday,

Vanessa said...

Thanks for sharing fave apps! I'm always wondering what people are using. Let me know if you ever need an LGO date!

Beth @ dot...in the city said...

Yay for the last day of the semester :) ours is next week and all the college students are in crunch mode, ha!
I just started using Insta when it was released for Android and I got an iPad around the same time (ironic, huh?) so I downloaded diptic for collages. I will have to try the other collage makers too!

Jessi said...

You crack me up with your iphone! I can definitely tell that it was a good purchase! I heard that they have instagram for droids now so I'll need to convince my husband to get it and I will just start using his :) Eventually I'll enter into the 21st century and get a smart phone!

Ruthie Hart said...

downloading some of these now! THANK YOU!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

love that your iphone has a name!! she takes lovely and fun pictures for sure!

aimymichelle said...

i wish i could have those apps maybe on a new phone i get later this month.