Thursday, March 1, 2012

Guest Post: Kassi of Truly Lovely!

Hi everyone! I am delighted to have Kassi visiting us today. She is adorable, and I love that she knows how much I adore Pheobe. I am over at her blog today talking a little bit more about teacher fashion! Please stop by!


Hello there lovelies! 
Let me introduce myself... My name is Kassi and I blog over at Truly Lovely.

I am super excited to be snagging some space here on Jen's lovely piece of blogland today!

She's over at my little piece of blogland as we speak... I'm pretty positive she'd love a visit over there when you're finished here... just sayin'...

Truly Lovely is an 'all things lovely blog' written by me and my sister, Kayli.

That's us obviously... ;)

You can click that picture to learn more about us and our blog, but in the meantime I'd love to share this pretty awesome idea that Miss Kayli came up with... Being thankful! Monumental right!?! Who does that... 
I mean really, how many of us actually take time from our day to think about what we're thankful for?
Raise you're hand? Go ahead nobody's looking...? Anyone?
Me neither. *hangs head in shame
But Kayli had this idea to do Ten Weeks of Thanks and list a few things that you're thankful for every week. 

There's even a cute little button and a linky party! 

She's already on week four, but I'm a little behind so I'm going to share my week two with you dolls. 

Mostly in hopes that you'll take a minute at least today and think about what you're thankful for! 

Week Two's topic is Material Possessions (there's a different topic every week). 

So... here's MY list...

My sewing machine. My grandmothers came together and bought Kayli and I each a sewing machine about a two years ago now... We each received the machine and just about everything us future seamstresses would need. It was an AMAZING day! ;) I've already made blankets for my bridesmaids, a tote bag or two... It's been a real money saver and creative outlet! 

My computers. I have a laptop at home and my computer at work (which technically isn't MINE, but you get the point...) They keep me connected to friends around the world, allow me to blog, bring in a paycheck, store my photos and important documents... The list goes on.

My Scentsy warmers. Since the very first one my MIL purchased for me I've accumulated several. I loved them so much I became a consultant myself and actually sell Scentsy now to make extra income for my family. It's amazing the blessings that first Scentsy warmer has since brought into my life. 

My phone. We all know how much Jen loves her Phoebe... Just wait til she's had her for a few years... How I ever lived without my DroidX... Was there a time before smart phones?? I can't even remember anymore... haha. 

So... what are YOU thankful for? 

We'd love for you to write up a post or two and join us! If you don't have time, at least take a minute and think about it today... 

Be thankful lovelies!!

Thanks so much to Jen for having me over! 

Hope you'll pop over to Truly Lovely and say hello sometime! ;) 

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Andrea Ward said...

I am in LOVE with Scentsy. I discovered it about a year and a half ago. I have half a shelf in my kitchen dedicated to my waxes. Amazing stuff!