Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sponsor Lovin'

Hey friends! Since it's the day o' love, let me introduce you to some sponsors that I love oh-so-much! Be sure to show them some love in return and go check out their blogs and shops!

Small Bird Studios
Locale: Texas!

I design blogs and create subway art during naptime and am so blessed by the support and love of my best friend, Pete (who just so happens to be my hubby ;) I share my heart on life, loss & love and TONS of sweet pictures like this of my sweet almost two year old son.

When did someone show you love when you least deserved it or didn't expect it? Well just about everyday I see the love of God that I just don't deserve. A great example is looking at my son. God loved me SO much he gave him to me! :)

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Diary of a Brown Eyed Girl
Locale: Scottsdale, Arizona {Hey neighbor!}

One of my greatest desires and passions is lifting up and helping others. It makes my heart smile. Blogging gives me the opportunity to do exactly that and to share about the things that I love and that inspire me. Poking around my blog you will find posts about my faith, crafting, fashion, charity and everyday life lessons.

*Any product that is purchased from my Shop, part of the proceeds gets donated to Make a Wish Foundation to help children with life-threatening illnesses.

When did someone show you love when you least deserved it or didn't expect it? That someone would be my Husband. He is always so understanding and patient with me, especially when I am in one of my "moods". He still shows me love, patience and kindness....even when I probably don't deserve it. He is the BEST!!

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Inner Vision
Locale: Milwaukee, WI

My blog is all about my inspirations, college life, and day-to-day experiences. I love to share my faith, photography, education, and everything in between. I hope you'll stop by and join my journey to growing up.

When did someone show you love when you least deserved it or didn't expect it? When God died on the cross for every single one of my sins.

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Locale:  I am a Canadian girl living my life on the Manitoba prairies.

I am a lover of coffee and tea, dancing in the rain, crafting, and baking.
I also have a little shop, Owls and Lilies, where I sell some handmade goodies.
I love meeting new people so be sure to stop by and say hi anytime you wish!

When did someone show you love when you least deserved it or didn't expect it? Jen asked me when I have been shown when I least deserved it and that got me thinking but I think the ultimate love that has been shown to me is the love of Christ who laid down his life and forgives me time and time again so that I may live.
I don't think anyone can trump that kinda love and sacrifice!

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Happy Valentine's Day y'all!


Katelyn Rattray said...

Thanks so much, Jen!


- Katelyn

Fash Boulevard said...

some of my favorite blogs. super sweet post. I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day. if you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest. xo


Franchesca said...

Thank you Jen!!! xo