Jan 5, 2012


Happy New Year friends!

Okay, I know Christmas was just here and I was blessed with lots of fun and beautiful gifts from friends and family. I am completely undeserving of them all. But as I look at the year ahead, I still have a wish list of items I would like to purchase in coming months.

I'm actually putting together this wish list not to spend more or become even more of a consumer than I already am... but to be more careful with what I spend my money on. Instead of buying a random shirt or picture frame here or there simply because it's a good deal, I want to plan out what I spend my money on. And since becoming a blogger I have grown to love the handmade industry and want to support many of my blogging friends who make an income for their families by selling their crafts and trades on Etsy or through their blogs. So here it is... my spend-money-wisely-and-support-my-blogging-friends-and-their-families wishlist for 2012:

This little flag necklace - adorable!

Antique bicycle necklace!

Yellow Rose Locket

A Gadanke journal

Sur La Table Microwave Popper {okay, not handmade, but I've been eyeing it for a year}

Mustard and lace infinity scarf

Vintage Lace Pendant

Rosette Necklace

Embroidered Necklace

Vintage Dishtowels

Vintage Apron

Tease brush {also not handmade, but I heard it's amazing}

I also have a gift list of things I want buy for friends and family, but I can't share it, in case you are one of the future recipients of said gifts! :)



  1. Erin1/5/12, 3:42 AM

    I love this! :) I need to make a folder of all the handmade goodies I want to buy! :) Thanks for sharing these finds!

  2. Beth @ dot...in the city1/5/12, 9:06 AM

    so many pretties! isn't it fun to peruse handmade shops and dream (i do a lot of it)?!

  3. Heather B {dreaming big}1/5/12, 10:48 AM

    I also have grown to love handmade items since becoming a blogger. That necklace (the bike one) is so awesome. Love. it.

  4. Jessi1/5/12, 11:37 AM

    Yes! Supporting handmade is so awesome. My mom and I have been working to open our own online shop forever now, but just haven't quite gotten around to it. But it will happen eventually!

    And I love those dishtowels.

  5. stephanie1/5/12, 1:18 PM

    i love your blog! so cute! and these finds are amazing. happy new year! xo

  6. Brittany1/5/12, 2:33 PM

    Wow... thank you for choosing my handmade apron and posting it on your lovely blog today. After checking in on Etsy for the first time since Christmas I was lead to your space here ;-) Come to find out that we just moved from Phoenix (where I grew up) all the way to Vermont... and now look at my handmade in Vermont apron ending up on your Arizona blog. Life sure is lovely sometimes!

    Nice to meet ya! www.thevillagepressvt.blogspot.com

    PS: I handmade ALL of my Christmas gifts and flew them from here to there this year!

  7. Ruthie Hart1/5/12, 3:12 PM

    what a great idea!! I am not a big spender but I do like buying random things here and there (mostly STUFF, not clothes) and sometimes I am like "why the heck did I buy this, I dont need it" so a wish list would be very helpful! I am finding myself more drawn to handmade items since entering the bloggy world too!

  8. rebecca1/5/12, 3:28 PM

    a lovely collection of items, indeed.

  9. Kassi at Truly Lovely1/5/12, 3:30 PM

    I really like this idea!!! I am so guilty of buying things I don't really need or want because they're on sale! Mapping out your future purchases is very smart!

  10. Heather1/5/12, 5:10 PM

    love the bicycle apron, oh so cute!

  11. Jam, Rio, Bri, Rissa1/5/12, 9:17 PM

    AZ HOLLA! Now a follower!

  12. Shannon1/5/12, 11:06 PM

    Great finds! I wish I was so creative.


  13. One in the SAHM1/5/12, 11:23 PM

    That mustard and lace scarf is frickin cute! Adding it to my list. :)

  14. michelle @ this little light1/6/12, 6:29 AM

    Such fun treats! It's a great idea, too, to list them out for yourself...keeping your eyes on the prize, right?! :)

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