Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Keyword Analysis {#2}

It's time for another keyword analysis. Do you ever look at the "search keywords" for your blog? Basically, it's the words people are typing into a search engine that end up leading them to your page. Most of them are pretty standard "Jen Russum," "The Arizona Russums," "gray and yellow wedding," "good recipes" and stuff like that. But sometimes the things people enter are hilarious! Here a few of my favorites lately...

{To see my last keyword analysis, go here...}

"man in Jeff Gordon shirt..."
How about WOMAN in Jeff Gordon shirt? I am passionate about Jeff Gordon... just kidding. Micah and I went to NASCAR last month when his cousin was in town. You should know that I hate NASCAR, so I only bought a Jeff Gordon shirt as part of my costume. It happened to be the only racing shirt available at the thrift store on that particular day. I heard he'a Christian though, so I can support that...

"messy bun morning hair"
Ummm... I rarely sleep with my hair up so I'm probably not the best girl for this. In fact, I am still quite
uncomfortable with the bun thing altogether...

"Why to love arizona at night"
I'll tell you why... warm air, summer dresses, dinner on the patio, late nights talking outside, midnight swims.

"Shepherd's Pie Pockets"
Are you looking for the best husband-approved dinner recipe ever? Because here it is!

What does having a yellow wedding say about you?
Uh... I don't know. I thought it said "I think gray and yellow are pretty together and will look lovely 
at my wedding in a barn..." Was I wrong???

Where can I get baked potato soup in Arizona? 
My house.

LGO Havana Latte. 
Yes, please. Wanna meet up?

"Sexy woman in hospital bed"
I'm sure this is exactly what they had in mind :)

"Why do my no bakes never get hard?"
Because you haven't used THIS recipe.

"West Elm David Stark paper mache bird"
Why pay for it, when you can make it?

That's all for now friends! Hope you enjoyed these as much as I do. Sexy woman in hospital bed... ha! Mysterious
Asthma-like symptoms are soooo sexy.

Have you seen any funny search terms on your blog lately???



Erin said...

Ha ha ha I love these Jen! :) They seriously make me laugh! What kind of freaky people google "sexy woman in a hospital bed"......strange fetish right there boy! Yikes! Ha ha I love the questions about AZ! You described AZ summer nights so perfectly! :) I cannot wait for them now! :)

Karly said...

My search keywords are still boring, though I am slightly freaked out that someone landed on my blog by searching "shingles on my lip"

Um, what?

Whitney & Devin said...

Hahahaha! I didn't know you could do that. I about died with the "sexy woman in hospital bed"... favorite for sure

Amanda said...

And, yellow and gray are two of my favourite colours!

One in the SAHM said...

Just looked at mine:
big gulp sizes
fun fon phone (what in the world???)
baby locks
baby names "the name brecken" - people better not start making this name popular! :)

Chelsea @ {twotwentyone} said...

Hilarious post! I wish I got funny search terms like those. I got a funny one a couple weeks ago but, of course, I can't remember what it was.

brittneyneva said...

Oh my goodness this is funny...Josh, Matt, and I all loved the "sexy woman in hospital bed" LOL. Of course Josh and I liked the "man in Jeff Gordon shirt" too - NASCAR 4 LIFE!

Xii Net said...

I usually don’t leave remarks at blogs, but your post inspired me to comment on your blog. Thank you for sharing!