Saturday, December 3, 2011

Discount Code {for your Christmas shopping needs!}

Hi friends,

Wanna know the winner of the Curls & Courage necklace giveaway? My friend, Erin! Coming in strong at random #9 folks! Sad it wasn't you? Well, don't be, because there are still lots of goodies left in Audrey's shop and she if offering 15% off to my readers at checkout with the code RUSSUMS from now until Christmas!

Here are some of my faves in her shop:

You can customize the bead colors on this one! Fun!!!

Remember: use Russums at checkout from now until Christmas!
Thanks, Audrey! And happy shopping everyone!



Erin said...

Ha ha...still too funny! :) Love you!

ms.composure said...

very cute! def have tons of shopping to do!!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

SO FUN! YAY! I need xmas presents like NOW!