Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WIWW {on going brunette and wearing lipstick}

Well there have been some big changes on the fashion front in my home...

I dyed my hair brown {but only halfway!} and I have started wearing...


{Oh, and Micah bought two new Dri-Fit Nike Polos. They are his new love. But you probably don't care about that, right? He is a part of my household though, so I'm just trying to be fair...}

So the hair. I love it. Micah almost talked me out of it because he thinks blonde is the only acceptable hair color for me. But the morning I was headed to the salon, I decided "I never do ANYTHING interesting with my hair; I'm doing this!" And what is this you ask? Well, I'm not really sure. Basically, I have seen a few hair colors lately where the roots are intentionally darker and then the hair fades into blonde at the bottom. The girl at the salon called it "melding?" or "melting?" - I couldn't really tell - but anyway, she made it happen and I love the result!

And in other news, I have started wearing lipstick. This is huge people! In the past, my go-to lip product has been Vaseline. I love it. I feel about Vaseline the way the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding feels about Windex. Vaseline is good for everything... if you have dry hands, rub a little Vaseline on them. Fly-aways along your part? Dab a little Vaseline there. That sore little chaffing under your nose from blowing too much when you have cold? Vaseline is the answer! But mainly Vaseline is the best lip product EVER. However, I have been inspired lately by the bright lips I've seen around the blogs and in magazines, so I went on an adventure and bought two lipsticks- one berry/mauve color and one not-too-bright coral. I am loving my new lips with my new hair {but I often still dab a little Vaseline on during the day, because I go through withdrawals...}

This is my new hair right after leaving the salon. The right is my failed attempt to show you {and my sister to whom I was trying to send a phone pic when this was taken} how the ends are lighter than the top. My sister told me I look pale. I protest! I am not pale. I simply used a flash when there was too much sunlight and the result is the pale look!

Trying to be creative with a dress over jeans. Micah hated this outfit because he did not like the fact that I was wearing skinny jeans, yet he could not see my butt. Ha! And going strong with the heels {as long as I know I won't have to wear them for more than a few hours!}

Birthday outfit! It was ONLY 94 degrees on my birthday, so I did what any desert-dweller would... I wore my cute new sweatshirt... with shorts! And check out my $5 fedora! LOVE!

This is my new way to create a "fall look" in Phoenix. Wear a cute sweatshirt or long-sleeved shirt with shorts. That way you can show off a fall top but still get some air-flow with the shorts....
I recommend this for temps between 80-99. If it's below 80 in PHX, you should probably be rocking a wool sweater, boots and maybe mittens.

Here is my best lipstick sample. Notice the pic on the LEFT. I am not pale, sister!

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ms.composure said...

LOVING the pink sweater (and other outfits!) dont go to is also vasaline! LoL i just recently found a chapstick that i will use more often now. not sure if i will ever convert to lipstick...i just dont feel that i look right with it on.

Cerrisse said...

You look so pretty! Love the hair color :)

Heather said...

OMG Jen, seriously, you look amazeballs! I am loving your new look! From the hair to the lips, wow. I think the hair color really makes your skin pop. And the lipstick looks amazing.... I'm a little obsessed with the stuff right now, myself! That fedora is super cute!

Cami @ All Things Lovely said...

so glad you stopped by! love your blog!
your outfits are darling...and i love the hair color...looks great!

love your fedora and striped shorts :)


AllyceR said...

You look fab. Your hair, your lips, your TAN skin! ;) New looks are so fun!