Wednesday, August 17, 2011

so long sweet summer

It's over.

All over.

The sweetest time of year.

Precious summertime.

I mean, summer is not really OVER. It's still 100+ degrees outside and the season doesn't officially change on the calendar for another month.

But as far as I am concerned, summer is finished. Because school starts tomorrow.

Reading article upon article upon book starts tomorrow. Grading student homework and essays starts tomorrow.

But I don't want to wallow in grief, so I thought I should look back on all the goals I accomplished this summer...


-Finish Future Grace by John Piper (over halfway done)
-Finish Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins FINALLY! (almost done, but I have to finish The Help first!)
-My Name's Not Susie by Sharon Hamilton
-Catch up on reading recent additions of Real Simple that are sitting in a box next to my couch
-Read remaining issues of Domino (R.I.P.) that have been sitting around my house for a couple years now

-Upload old pics onto facebook (you know, Erin's wedding, my wedding week, etc. Basically, all the pictures I've taken in the past year)
-Blog (approximately) five days a week
-Tweak blog designs/functions

-Get basic sewing supplies and fix/update a few articles of clothing in our closet
-Sew Pillows with Anne
-Make "R" plaque for shelf
-Frame wedding pics (does one count?)
-Make a modpodge bird

-Make deviled eggs for Micah
-Make homemade moonpies
-Organize my recipe binder
-Start my herb garden (I also killed my herb garden, which consisted of one basil plant. Oops...)

-Go to Last Chance
-Print and frame a picture for Micah's desk at work
-Find a free or cheap TV
-Get my free facial from placing in a 5K last fall
-Make a jeopardy study quiz for Kristin Hines
-Return our busted, disappointing espresso machine
-Begin a Scripture memorization plan

And here is photo proof of some of these accomplished goals:
Top L: Wordy Bird :: Top R: Dyed my dress
Bottom L: Lots of pillows :: Bottom R: "R" plaque {tutorial soon}

I used to like Deviled Eggs until I found out what goes in 'em. Ick.

$38 Uggs at Last Chance. I just might have bought a pair for my favorite Ugg-wearing sister...

And may I introduce you to my new espresso machine?

And my new sewing basket? Can it be anymore perfect for me? Gray, yellow and paisley. And it cost $7.00!

Summer, I love you! I can't wait until we meet again!


Jessi said...

Ok so now I have that song in my head (so long sweet summer)! Which isn't such a bad thing..

But I'm major impressed with what you accomplished! I'm just sitting here wishing summer would end faster, but now thinking "wow, I didn't get anything done except wish summer would go by faster!"

jozen said...

looks like summer was good to you!!! what lovely accomplishments :)

ps I love planning parties and when I'm not busy with my family I am a wedding planner too! but that's our little secret!!

Heather said...

You were so productive this summer! I'm amazed at all that you did. And seriously, why did "Domino" have to be discontinued??!!!!! :(