Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Perfect Day...

I recently read an article by Noël Piper about how she is naturally an introvert and how she was challenged in recent years to let her female friends truly get to KNOW the real her. She says in the article that if she could have her perfect day, she would be alone. I started thinking... "Hey, I think in my perfect day I would want to be alone too BUT I have always considered myself an does THAT work?"

In recent years I have found that I need more alone time than I used to. I am still very social and feel most engaged and energetic when I am in a group of people, but if I don't get an hour or two of quiet, alone time every day, I can get a little grumpy. So then I started trying to picture my own perfect day for both my introverted and extroverted self. This is what I came up with...

The perfect morning...
Wake up early, but not too early {7 or 8am after eight hours of sleep}
With the {already spotlessly clean} house all to myself, I would...
Drink a white chocolate americano and read my Bible
Eat cereal with a sliced banana on top and write in my prayer journal 
Read a theological book, probably one by John Piper
Read some blogs
Workout {run on the treadmill and do some weights - yes, I enjoy running on a treadmill}
Shower and shave my legs
While my hair is air drying, read a novel for fun or work on a little craft or organizational project
Put on make-up and straighten my hair
Go out for lunch and shopping by myself with saved money that I don't feel guilty about spending
{Where would I shop??? Banana Republic, Nordstrom, Anthro, Urban Outfitters, and TJ Maxx}
Return home right when Micah does, hang out with him for a little while, just the two of us

The Perfect Evening:
{Option A}
Go out to dinner with Micah and lots of friends {preferably for Mexican food!}
Everyone goes country dancing together/sings karaoke/goes to a concert
Afterward everyone gets dessert {maybe ice cream or gelato}
Home and in bed before midnight

The Perfect Evening:
{Option B}
Meet up for a big group dinner at a friend's house or have everyone over to our place
Play funny games where everyone has to be really involved {like Quelf or celebrity bowl}
Eat dessert together {again, ice cream sounds great..}
Home and in bed before midnight

And that, my friends, is my perfect day. Here are some pictures from past perfect days...or some perfect moments that I would want to recreate for my perfect day...

{perfect morning}

{nordstrom anniversary sale}
{dance party... just the two of us}

{dinner in}

{or dinner out}

{game night...have you ever played quelf? hilarious.}

Now it's your turn to share...
what would be a part of your perfect day?! 
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Heather said...

First of all, I think you are my twin.Those stores you mentioned, a white chocolate americano, and John Piper?! Seriously? :)

Second of all, I struggle just like you with the pull between being extroverted and introverted. Too much time alone is not good, and too much time surrounded by people is not good, either. How do we find that perfect balance? I am still trying to figure it out.

I love your post!

Kristin said...

i love that reading a good book is included in there. one of my absolute favorite things.

ok... what the heck is quelf??!

Cheri said...

My perfect day would be doing anything as long as I had all my kidlets with me. It's so rare when we're all together anymore, that it would be the perfect day if we were -- but it would need to include all four (and my lovely daughter-in-law, of course). I love my adult children and cherish each minute I get to spend with them.

Beffy 55 said...

My perfect day would be a lot like Cheri's and I think would include lots of ice cream and maybe all six of us playing Settler's. Have you seen The Ultimate Gift?