Wednesday, August 24, 2011

30 for 30 update {WIWW}

Umm... have you entered the GIVEAWAY yet???

It's hard to believe I am almost done with the 30 for 30 challenge I gave myself. If you missed my last post, I have put myself on a shopping freeze...indefinitely. It was going to last for August and maybe September... but then I talked to Micah and we decided that we would both give up a specific type of discretionary spending until we met some financial goals we've set for this upcoming year. So for me, I'm not shopping for clothes. And he is not spending money on any sports-related activities like golfing, surfing, going to games, etc. And if you know us, then you know each of these sacrifices is perfect for us... because they get us right where it hurts.. in a good way... like a refined-to-be-more-like-Jesus way.

So to make my no-shopping period fun instead of burdensome, I challenged myself to wear the same 30 articles of clothing in different, creative ways for 30 days. In some ways, it's been incredibly easy to only wear 30 items of clothing. In fact, I've only worn 20 items if you don't count shoes and accessories! First of all, it's easy because I don't layer anything! It's Phoenix. It's 100 bajillion degrees outside and you will only find me wearing shorts+tanks or dresses. Secondly, since it's been summer break, I often wear some combination of work out clothes, swimsuit, or pajamas all day long and then put on an outfit for about two hours total in the afternoon or evening. So I don't feel bad wearing a similar outfit again that same week. It's not like I'm going to work everyday and seeing the same people at the office who think I'm the gross girl who never washes her clothes. {Even though I kind of am the gross girl who never washes her clothes...}

At the same time though, the hot weather makes it challenging to put together creative outfits, since my main goal is typically to wear as few clothes as possible while maintaining some level of decency. It's been a little boring overall, but I have done a few crazy things the past few days. #1 I wore my fedora and got made fun of. #2 I found a belt in my closet that I bought at TJ Maxx in the spring and had yet to wear {I've now worn it twice!} #3 I am stepping back into the world of heels after a three year sabbatical. I figure I should wear heels as much as I can now, because after I have babies I will probably never want to wear them again. #4 I wore a romper in public for the first time ever. #5 I wore my bump-it to a concert. Ha!

And without further adieu, I give to you days ten - twenty of this 30 for 30 adventure...

DAY 10 {or the glorious day my BF Camille came to Phoenix and her dad made fun of my hat}:
Shirt :: Forever 21
Sweater :: Nordstrom {Halogen}
Jeans :: Banana Republic
Shoes :: Urban Outfitters
Hat :: Forever 21

DAY 11 {or the day I wore heels for a non-formal occasion for the first time in years}:
Shirt :: Banana Republic
Sweater :: Banana Republic
Shorts :: TJ Maxx
Shoes :: Nine West
Headband :: Forever 21
Necklace :: Banana Republic

DAY 12 {or the day I wore the same outfit two days in a row}:
Shirt :: Banana
Shorts :: TJ Maxx
Shoes :: Old NAVY {P.S. They KILLED my feet and are now in the Goodwill pile.}
Headband :: Forever 21
Necklace :: Nordstrom

DAY 13:
Shirt :: Banana
Jeans :: Banana
Shoes :: J.Crew {my wedding shoes!}
Belt :: TJ Maxx

DAY 14: 
Shirt :: Target
Shorts :: TJ Maxx
Shoes :: Nordstrom Rack {Nine West}
Necklace :: Forever 21
Watch :: Nordstrom { brand ever! Highly recommend!}

DAY 15 {same outfit strikes again!}:
Shirt :: Target
Sweater :: Banana
Shorts :: TJ Maxx
Shoes :: Nordstrom Rack {Jessica Simpson}
Necklace :: Forever 21

DAY 16:
Shirt :: Banana
Pants :: Banana
Shoes :: Nine West
Necklace :: Handmade

DAY 17 {or the day I went to see Kellie Pickler at a free lunchtime concert}:
Dress :: TJ Maxx
Hair :: BUMP IT!
Headband :: Forever 21


DAY 19:
Dress :: Target
Sweater :: Nordstrom {Halogen}
Shoes :: Urban Outifitters

DAY 20:
Shirt :: Banana
Jeans :: Banana
Boots :: Charlotte Russe {from five years ago... I wish they were real ones... maybe someday}
Belt :: Forever 21???

Well, that's it for now! I am in my final ten day stretch. I will be back next week to do a round-up of the full 30 days. Anyone have any ideas of a new fashion challenge I can do for September??? Please share!

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Heather said...

I need that Forever 21 headband--- so cute! You look great! xo

Cerrisse said...

I love all of your looks, so fresh and bright. :)

Beffy 55 said...

what about day 18? And while I think you are adorably cute, sweaters in the valley in the Summer... a

Kim Thompson said...

You are the cutest thing ever..inside and out! xoxo

AllyceR said...

#1 Your wedding shoes are to die for and I LOVE that you can wear them now, too!
#2 The peacock feather/flower headband is so cute and I can't believe you saw Kellie Pickler for free!
#3 If there is a fashion challenge for September, maybe I will join. Being pregnant and not having a ton of clothes can be a challenge but you have proven successful. (Well, not with the pregnant part but the creativity part!) :)

Denise said...

great headband, great hat, and i want the last outfit!