Wednesday, August 31, 2011

30 for 30 Round-Up! {WIWW}

Well, guys I did it! I am on the very last day of my 30 for 30 challenge. If you are new around here, I challenged myself to make outfits out of the same 30 articles of clothing for the month of August. I have put myself on a little shopping fast, so this was my way of being creative while I'm avoiding stores like TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack  :)

The challenge actually turned out to be 21 for 31. I didn't count shoes and accessories as a part of my 30, so I ended up wearing only 21 items of clothing during this 31 day month. Here is the line -up:

Three pairs of shorts: black, gray, and denim
Two pairs of pants: skinny jeans and gray cigarette slacks
Seven shirts: six tanks and one button-up
Three cardigans - for the intensely air conditioned buildings
Five dresses: all cotton - one long, four short
and ONE romper!

I didn't include shoes or accessories in the challenge this time, because, but I think I would next time to make it even more difficult. I could easily limit myself to 20 articles of clothing and then use the last ten items on shoes, belts, headbands, and necklaces.

Really though this challenge is not about what I wore, but what I learned....

1) My closet is huge. I have so many clothes. I could probably do this challenge for six months straight and never repeat the same item. It would take me over a year to wear all my pants if I only wore one pair of slacks and one pair of jeans each month.

2) Because my closet is so well stocked, I really have no reason to be shopping. I shop because I enjoy it, not really because I need new clothing. But there are other things I also enjoy like laying by the pool, reading for fun, and hanging out with friends, so I have plenty of things to replace my shopping habit with. This is why the shopping fast will extend beyond this month's challenge.

3) God has called me to be a good steward of what He has given me and this includes my clothing. I have really been challenged this last month to meditate on what stewardship looks like in every area of my life and what my attitude should be in regards to fashion/clothes/shopping. I will be writing more on this later...

So the shopping freeze continues. It's about the only thing frozen around here in this hot desert where we live :) Anyone have any new clothing challenges I could give myself for September? I want to continue to be stretched in the stewardship of my wardrobe, so any new ideas on how I can use/wear my clothes wisely would be appreciated. I am thinking of way to create new outfits, match unlikely items together or use my clothing in different ways. Kendi recently wore her shirt backward to make it look like a tunic... pretty impressive!

And here is what I wore...or should I say how I wore what I have already been wearing for the past three weeks...

DAY 21
Dress :: Ross {Design History}

DAY 22
Shirt :: Banana Republic
Cardigan :: Nordstrom Last Chance {Halogen}
Shorts :: TJ Maxx
Shoes :: Urban Outfitters

DAY 23 {or the day I met my new students}
Shirt :: Target
Sweater :: Banana Outlet
Pants :: Banana
Shoes :: Nine West

DAY 24
Shirt :: Forever 21
Sweater :: Banana Outlet
Jeans :: Banana
Shoes :: Nine West

DAY 25 does not exist! :)

DAY 26
Dress :: TJ Maxx
Sweater :: Banana Republic
Belt :: Forever 21

DAY 27 MORNING {or when I wore a fishtail}
Shirt :: Banana Republic
Shorts :: TJ Maxx
Flower :: Boutique in L.A.

DAY 27 EVENING {or date night}
Romper :: Urban Outfitters
Shoes :: Urban Outfitters
Belt :: Nordstrom
Necklace :: Banana Outlet
Husband :: Mine

DAY 28
Dress :: TJ Maxx
Belt :: Forever 21
Boots :: Charlotte Russe

DAY 29 {or the day I made my most creative outfit yet}
Dress :: Ross {Design History, see day 21}
Shirt :: Banana
Belt :: Forever 21
Boots :: Charlotte Russe
Watch :: Nordstrom {Skagen}

*I have to say this was my most creative outfit of the whole challenge. I tried to wear my shirt over my dress, so it would kind of look like a loose top and skirt combo with a belt around it, and then for some reason I tried tying my shirt up high on my waist and wearing my belt around it and I LOVED the result. It made it look a dress, and I opted for cowboy boots instead of heels. Here is the before and after...

DAY 30
Dress :: Target
Sweater :: Nordstrom Last Chance {Halogen}
Shoes :: Urban Outfitters
Belt :: Forever 21
Necklace :: Nordstrom Last Chance

And today is DAY 31! Right now, I am wearing my work out clothes... but I promise to wear something from the 21 piece collection when I go to class tonight!

Linking up to the lovely Lindsey...

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Jane Squared said...

Day 29 is easily my favorite. Belts are magical & transformative! :D

Katie said...

love the idea of using the same items and changing it up--so clever :) i would definitely need help in that department. really liking the outfits you posted, especially the last one--you had me, i thought it was a dress from the thumbnail!

thanks for being an inspiration to look at my clothes differently! visiting from wiww, have a great week!

[email protected] things bring smiles

Heather said...

You look GREAT!

Mindie Hilton said...

I think day #28 was my fave but you look great in all. Love those deep blue colors on you.

This is only my third week linking up at WIWW.

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Thanks for you time and hope to see you soon.