Monday, June 13, 2011


Move over Pinterest! There's a new kid in town!

Okay, not really. I don't want Pinterest to move anywhere. I love it. But I found something just about as awesome. Salemarked. It works kind of like Pinterest (with the bookmarklet thingy-majig), but instead of just collecting your inspirations, it tells you when your inspirations go on sale!

Because let's be honest, I can't afford many of the things I pin to my boards on Pinterest. I'm a grad student. My yearly stipend barely reaches double digits... so the hubs supports us, which he does quite well, but I can't just be out buying every Anthropologie dress that catches my eye.

Enter salemarked. This website allows you to mark items all over the web that you would like to buy and you get to enter a price you would like to buy them for. Then salemarked tells you if the product goes on sale and drops down into the price range you want. For example, I recently bought this pair of Paige Premium Denim Straight Leg Jeans at the Nordstrom Half Yearly sale, but Micah made me return them...  he really wasn't into me buying $109 jeans at the beginning of the summer that we are trying to buy a house for some strange reason. However, I love them. So now they are marked on my salemarked profile, so I can see if they will ever drop below $100. Probably not until they reach Nordstrom Rack, but I am intent on finding them!

The site is fairly new, so not all stores have been added to their database yet, but I'm sure they will be soon. Still waiting on Ann Taylor Loft (shorts!) and Crate and Barrel (mini parker bowls!). Have fun with this new website!!!


krislyn. said...

I have yet to try Pinterest, but I think I'll give Salemarked a go. I'm always up for a good deal, especially on jeans!

PS: Small World ... I was reading some of your old post and saw a familiar face! Alexis ... She was in my Wednesday Night Bible Study while I lived in AZ, love that girl.

koesbong said...

Hi Jen,

Thank you for writing a post about Salemarked. My name is Koes Bong and I am the developer of the site. Salemarked was "born" thanks to my wife who also loves to bargain shop.

I hope you have had time to try it out. Let me know what you think about it and how you think it can be better.

Thanks so much!