Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Ode to the Bouncing Blueberry

Oh Blueberry, how you loved to bounce around town
You would take me for a drive when I was feeling down
You were with me in high school and throughout college too
We went on road trips, more than a few
You endured Seattle rains and the hot Texas sun
You carried all my friends and provided tons of fun
Your glove compartment carried a hair brush that made the perfect mic
For singing Mariah Carey, Amy Grant and all the songs my friends like
You were a car full of laughter, long talks and a few tears
You were my closest companion for about eight years

Not that you were perfect, for you liked to rebel
You got your "bouncing" name for putting me through hell
One trip to the mechanic, two, three, four
There was always something wrong with you; you never were a bore
Your alternator liked to break like every single year
But always one day after the warranty, it made me shed a tear

One day there was a CRASH and you were gone in a flash
I said my goodbyes, and I scrounged up my cash
I was ready to move on to a big girl car
One with four doors and power windows to take me near and far
Now your species is endangered, and sights of your relatives are so rare
When I saw your cousin last week, I could not help but stare
Although I have replaced you, and I've happily moved on,
I snapped this picture to remember my first car, long gone
Oh, Bouncing Blueberry, though your days are through
I will never forget my little Ford Escort ZX2

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