Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I promise this will be last of my dinner party posts for a while. I hate to be redundant, but there are just so many pictures to share. These are from the "fajitas and piñata" party we had last week with our missional community. The fajita meat was delish, the pinata was a "hit" with the kids (no pun intended, but now that it's there I'm pretty happy about it), and the company was awesome as usual. Probably the highlight of the night though was when the party was winding down, and all the ladies were getting their last 500-1,000 words out (each), and Micah and Adam started playing tag with all the kids. There really is nothing like watching grown men go all out in a game of tag with little children. It just melts my heart every time. Everyone went home sweaty and happy and full of steak, chicken, and shrimp...

Señor Piñata and me.

Love these ladies so much!

He just hung out waiting for us. Yes, his left foot is a soccer ball.

Us. I was talking on the phone and couldn't figure out why there
was a big black blob by my ear. Ha!

Shalyn made dirt cups for the kids!

Piñata time!

Piñatas are fun!

Then the adults took a turn...

And then we told Micah to finish him off...

The kids were so ready...

Kate is thinking "what the heck are these?" No bake cookies!

Micah had to collect a little candy too, of course!

And then a game of tag finished off the perfect evening!

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