Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Canyon that is Grand...

We had an amazing visitor this past week - Justini! Justin is Micah's friend from Bible School way back in the day. I don't even think they were that close while they were in school together, but they stayed in touch in the years following, met up for sporadic antics (like jumping off the second floor balcony at Justin's apartment into the pool below. True story. Eek!), and finally Micah convinced Justin to move out to Washington when we lived there. And that is how we became the "posse." That is what we call ourselves, because the three of us become fast friends when we were three of the only unmarried, Christian adults living in our tiny town of Lake Stevens for a year.

So Justin came to visit us for the week and we loved having him! Micah took a lot of time off work, and they did lots of boy things, like shooting and boxing and frisbee golf and swimming and diving, etc. I was girly and just laid by the pool and cooked dinner for them most nights. Except when they made me do leaps into the pool to catch flying objects like footballs and frisbees.

On Saturday we woke up early and trekked all the way to the Grand Canyon and back in one day. Both Justin and I had never seen it, so Micah took us up there. It was spectacular. I hesitate to show pictures, because I truly believe it is something you should just wait to see in real life, but I will share a few.

Gas station en route...

Parking lot. Love us.


The boys.

This is when my ponytail kept hitting Micah in the face. This is his annoyed smile.  It was windy!

See? Windy.

The boys were into this mule. They taught me that a mule is a horse and a donkey. I didn't really know.

One little shot.

This was at one of the lookout points. Pretty sweet.


Stephanie said...

I am in TX at my parents' house and this morning when I put on my Nike running shorts to lounge in for the day, I thought about you and your love for Nike running shorts. And low and behold, here is a picture of you in them today. That is all:)

The Arizona Russums said...

Steph, I do still love them! Always have, always will! XOXO!

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