Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cali - Part II {San Diego}

So sandwiched between our days in LA, we jetted down to San Diego for the weekend. Can you believe I've never been to San Diego? Not once. We went to Disneyland a few times growing up, we visited relatives in Northern California fairly often, and I was in a friend's wedding in Laguna Beach a few years ago, but I have NEVER been to San Diego until now.

It was so fun, despite our funny "hostel" situation. We spent lots of time on the beach. I "surfed" a little (aka caught some waves, got up to my knees, wobbled around a little bit, etc.) and Micah surfed a lot. We had a picnic lunch on the beach both days, ate fish and chips for dinner both nights, and hunted down a funnel cake for dessert on Saturday. I got to read, take lots of fun pictures, and just relax.

I also found a lovely little coffee shop right next to Pacific Beach called the Pacific Bean that served POWDERED white chocolate. If you know me at all, you know this made my weekend! The owner was super nice, but he asked me if I was a "spy" because I took so many pictures in his little shop. Ha!

Although I am not a spy, here are some of my favorite pics from our San Diego adventure (with a stop in adorable San Clemente on our way down the coast)...

Window shopping in San Clemente
Pacific Beach
More Pacific Beach...our fave!
San Diego skies...
Mission Beach on our funnel cake hunt...
Us in San Diego...

Goodbye Cali... I miss you already!


krislyn. said...

Love all your pictures, nice job "spy!" I agree 110% about powered white chocolate, I can not stand the syrup -- and it is hard to come by.

San Diego is one of my favorite places, I lived in Carlsbad for a Summer and hope someday I can actually live there!

AllyceR said...

You two are just so darn cute!

And obviously you have to live in WA if you want the option of powder wherever you go! ;)

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