Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cali - Part I {Los Angeles}

I have been in California for the past week tagging along on Micah's business trip, and it has been amazing. I have decided that vacations are very necessary for me, because if I am anywhere near my home, I feel like I have to clean it or grocery shop or organize a closet or cook dinner or something. I will have a list for the day and I will try to conquer it.

But in California, I do what I want. No list. No set plan. Especially on the days that Micah had work meetings. I think this sense of freedom comes from the fact that we stayed in a hotel. I love hotels! For two main reasons: 1) Hotels usually involve a king size bed. 2) Someone else cleans for you. I'm sold.

So our trip involved three days in L.A., three days in San Diego, and two days back in LA. Having a husband who takes "business trips" is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Hello semi-free vacation! Today, is my first day back in Arizona. I loved our time in Cali, but honestly, I am excited to be back in the HEAT. I am not lying. It was actually a pretty hot week in California - low to mid 80s in the valley, low to mid 70s on the coast, but that just doesn't leave me warm to the bone. They still have that whole west-coast-wear-a-sweater-at-night thing going on, and I'm just not sure if that's who I am. I'm a 85 degrees after dinner, sit on a patio in sundress type of girl.

One of the highlights to the L.A. portion of our trip is that I got to see lots of friends. First, I saw TCU friends, Sarah and Jayson, who just moved to LA this spring. They gave me a tour of the "Valley," drove me up Mulholland Drive, showed me the Brady Bunch house, and took me to Aroma Coffee and Tea to try to spot celebs. There were no celebs to be seen while we were there, but Joe Jonas was there last time Sarah visited the place.

I also got to see one of my very best friends since middle school, Lauren. Gosh, I love this girl. She is expecting her first baby in a few weeks - a baby girl named Lily. I am so excited for her! We met up for lunch in Costa Mesa, went shopping at a little consignment shop for babies, and I got to touch her giant stomach again and again! It was a blast. Did you know I'm obsessed with all things pregnancy and childbirth? Well, I am.

On the way home from Costa Mesa, I stopped by Huntington Beach to see my first college roommate, Jen. Can you believe it's been almost TEN YEARS since we were living together in Shirley Hall at TCU? I remember the first time we talked on the phone over the summer before freshman year to plan how to decorate our first dorm room. Now Jen is married and has a precious little boy, Cole! How time flies. It was GREAT to see her too.

Here are some more pics of LA goodness.. I will share the San Diego portion of our trip tomorrow.

Yummy food...

Fun shopping...

Lovin' CA

Mini tour of the Valley from Sarah and Jayson

Us in L.A.
There is just something about California despite it's chilly-ness. We might move here someday... either San Diego or Nashville...which would you choose???


Stephanie said...

Nick grew up in San Diego and that is for sure our long term plan! We will see if it is God's too:) Ha.

AllyceR said...

Looks like such a fun trip--I love all of your pictures! Those two cities are tough to choose from on where you would move to though!

One in the SAHM said...

A couple of things:
1. You are FULLY jumping into this mommy blogger culture - flower headband and picture collages - LOVE IT! :)

2. Excited for the Russums to bring this trip on up to Washington for a little camping extravaganza!

TasteChaser said...

Aroma Coffee and Tea is my fave place in the Valley too! I always take visitors there.