Friday, August 5, 2011

Flowers Fade Friday: Trusting in Chariots

I am making my way through the Psalms once again (just read 37 today - a favorite), but I keep coming back to this idea I read earlier about trusting in chariots. How often do I trust in chariots instead of trusting in the Lord?

In the days the Psalms were written, chariots and horses were important. Psalm 20 is a Psalm of David. David was a mighty war hero and he used chariots and horses all the time. During his reign, the Israelites finally defeated many of their idol-worshiping, pagan enemies and claimed the Promised Land for Israel. The boundaries of Israel were constantly expanding and God's people were blessed. Basically, David was in his chariot A LOT. He was fighting other kingdoms that also had chariots and horses and other military equipment, and these tools and vehicles were often the deciding factor in who won the battle. Usually, he who had the most chariots claimed the victory. But David knew that God's strength is not contingent on man-made chariots. Sure, chariots were useful, but ultimately God decides the outcome of every battle, every challenge, every trial. And many times throughout the Old Testament, God gave victory to His people despite their lack of forces, horses, or weapons. God is sovereign over everything and He always has good planned for those who follow Him. We are just called to trust Him.

So what are the chariots I trust today? What chariots are you trusting? Now that I have this degree, I can finally get this job. Now that I have this new computer, my design company will take off. Now that I have this volunteer experience on my resume, I will get into grad school. Now that I lost ten pounds, I will finally feel confident and healthy. Now that I read this new article, maybe I can finally get my baby to sleep through the night. Now that I heard this speaker/read this book/downloaded this sermon, maybe I can finally overcome this sin that is plaguing me. If only we could buy a new house, we could finally be more hospitable and offer to host our Bible study. If we could only save up X amount of money, we could buy this item, start this program, donate to this cause. The list goes on and on. These are just a few examples that seem relevant to me and other women in my life.

A chariot is something that is good, useful, a blessing even, but it's also something that threatens to steal our trust. If we put our faith in chariots instead of in the Lord, we are foolish. God will decide if and when our business takes off or whether or not we get into grad school. He is sovereign over parenthood and those first uncertain, exhausting months of motherhood. He is sovereign over who reads our resume and whether or not we are hired for a job. He is the giver of our house and our money and has commanded us to be hospitable and genrerous, despite the balance in our bank accounts or the square footage of our home. God is always good, and we are called to trust Him. We can be thankful for the chariots He has given us - the talents, material items, money, experiences that help us succeed in various earthly pursuits, but we must know that even if we lose those chariots, God is still good and He has promised to provide for us. He doesn't need chariots to bless or protect His children.

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Chels said...

Stumbled across your blog.
I love it when God does something like this, I needed to read these words today. Thank you for posting them :)